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26-Aug-2017 03:20

If your genital odor is strongly unpleasant, it can be a sign of a medical problem that your gynecologist missed.

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As you may have realised, the expression 'a kettle of fish' doesn't refer to tea-kettles but to the long saucepans that have been used for centuries to poach whole salmon, namely fish-kettles.

The noun 'kettle of fish' is listed by several reference works as dating from 1745, although the earliest actual citation of the term in print that I can find is in Thomas Newte's "It is customary for the gentlemen who live near the Tweed to entertain their neighbours and friends with a Fete Champetre, which they call giving 'a kettle of fish'.

However, there should not be a foul odor as a normal change of menopause.” Dr. Mild urinary leakage It’s never a good idea to try and clean your vagina with soap or perfume, or by douching.

Montgomery says that unpleasant vaginal odor may be due to a number of causes: 1. “This is likely to make the situation worse, as it causes additional irritation and washes away the natural protection of the vagina,” Dr. He recommends washing the vulva (your external genital area) with gentle soap and water only.

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