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The first season was filmed on an island in Panama.

Allison Davis wrote that the show "push[es] the boundaries of courtship and creatively expand[s] the list of activities you can do in the nude," but also criticized the show's pool scenes for being too revealing.

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While I can't speak to how the season's narrative arc will play out (there's very little actual plot in this premiere), the show's characters are in emotional states we've seen them in before, and some notable guest stars were introduced, the most significant of whom being Susan Sarandon.

And like every other season premiere of Ray Donovan, watching this episode made me hopeful that maybe this would be the season where the show would learn from some of its prior mistakes.

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"But I think this finale makes clear that next season is going to see a rehash of the previous four seasons: Ray will struggle with his conscience and his family, Mickey will get involved in some scheme that will backfire, Bunchy will go along with it, and Terry will worry about his legacy.

All this will be explored through a lacklustre season-long arc, which will likely feature some notable guest stars." No that I've seen the premiere of that fifth season, which premieres on Sunday night, I can say that the show does indeed seem to be setting the stage for the things I predicted to take place.

The show matched up several contestants who were routinely switched with other contestants, while nude most of the time, blurs the genitals of both sexes, female breasts, and occasionally buttocks.

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Amy Paffrath served as the host for the first two seasons and was clothed in her appearances.

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