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Pop: 2,300While L'Argentiere has an agricultural past, silver mines gave it its name and its main source of wealth from the Roman times.The exploitation of the mines intensified in the Middle-Ages and went on until the beginning of the 20th century.This massive project of urban renewal combines bold architecture, restored industrial sites and re-embraces its river banks and natural environment.A place where creativity and entrepreneurship emerge.Its highly-trained workforce, attractive tax structure, and strong infrastructure have made Puerto Rico an emergent startup hub.Mix that with a burgeoning entrepreneurial community, filled with coworking spaces, a collaborative environment, and the chance to work closer to the beach than ever before and you have the ideal spot for growth.Get tickets First city for culture, second City of the Arts in France, hometown of film-making, smart, food-savvy and sustainable. Its vibrant heritage and energetic spirit convince 5.5 millions tourists every year to come and enjoy everything she has to offer.


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St Jean chapel Formerly linked to a house of the Knights Hopsitaller, the chapel was built on a rocky mound by the old mountain path known as “via per alpem”.Three companies from Gen1 have already received the follow-on fund.Our office provides a coworking space in a vibrant and urban environment, with high-speed internet, a few blocks away from the beach.To complete registration undergraduate students must pay tuition by pm on Friday, January 12; graduate students and law students must pay tuition by pm on Friday, January 19.

Tuesday Registration for the spring semester for new and readmitted students who have not yet registered.

The silver mines obviously gave their name to the city, called Castrum Argenterie in 1202.

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