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08-Aug-2017 03:25

In Tribe’s case, its SMS invite system apparently had an “issue” – or, at least, that’s the official explanation the company is telling users via its Twitter account.According to a number of Tribe customers, including those who posted publicly and reached out privately, the app sent out SMS invites to everyone in their address books without permission.Earlier this year, it also pulled in million in seed funding, led by Sequoia, with the aim of challenging dominant chat apps, like Snapchat and Messenger.But it doesn’t take much to tarnish a brand, and violating users’ trust is an easy way to lose a following.

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Once you've said "I do," your bond with your spouse take priority over every other relationship.Can mobile app startups please stop building SMS invite systems into their apps already?The latest example of a venture-backed startup getting dinged by customers for having spammed their entire address book without permission is Sequoia portfolio company Tribe. Maybe it’s dinner at the newest hotspot, a sporting event you’ve got an extra ticket to, or something way more low-key like a quick drink.

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