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Running from her past, and searching for her foundation in life, Angie finds not only herself but love in its many forms. Bruce Beresford-Redman, a producer for the hit reality show Survivor, takes his wife Monica and their children on vacation to Mexico in an effort to salvage his crumbling marriage.

On the verge of making partner, Josh Pratt's life is turned upside down when the SEC investigates the head of his multibillion-dollar hedge fund for insider trading. A young woman receives a letter that her deceased grandmother requests she hand-deliver to a man in her grandmother's childhood home in Maine.

But a serial slayer is stalking the streets of Innocence, and Caroline may be a prime target for murder.

Angie, a young Brazilian artist, abandons her old life and embarks on a journey around the country.

Still, the series has met with rapturous reviews on both sides of the pond, making it a must-watch for anyone who hasn't taken the plunge yet.

World famous violinist Caroline Waverly returns to her home town of Innocence to retreat from the world.

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K., but The Night Manager has only just premiered in the United States.

Toscano is "totally [Ballas'] type: gorgeous and a musician," says a source.