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15-Jan-2018 01:55

They were joined by former "Grey's Anatomy" executive producer Tony Phelan who was first to confirm that all three of them talked about Owen and Amelia's wedding that night.

In the photo that Phelan posted on Twitter, he could be seen sitting beside Oh. Meanwhile, Oh also shared a photo of herself with Mc Kidd with a hilarious caption about the latter's onscreen marriage to Amelia.

The fictional character served as a love interest for surgical fellow Cristina Yang, and had an unstable personality when first introduced, suffering from PTSD.

Mc Kidd's connection with fellow actress Sandra Oh (Cristina Yang) has been acclaimed amongst critics, with Matt Roush of TV Guide calling the "instant sparks" between Mc Kidd and Oh "electrifying".

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He drinks about five Red Bulls throughout the day, I'm not even kidding. He is offered a job by former chief of surgery Richard Webber (James Pickens, Jr.), but declines, explaining that he has not completed his tour in Iraq.