Office 2016 conditional formatting not updating 14c dating of fossils

11-Dec-2017 21:23

But this week I ran into a conditional formatting crisis, and had to start from scratch.

Fortunately, the fix didn’t take too long, but with complex formatting, things could have been much worse.

This is my working example: Sub Reset Formatting() ' ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ' Written by..: Julius Getz Mørk ' Purpose.....: If conditional formatting ranges are broken it might cause a huge increase ' in duplicated formatting rules that in turn will significantly slow down ' the spreadsheet. Stop If True = False End With ' (4) Make article strategy "A" blue With Cells(1, 1).

Even with the newer predefined rules, you'll need to create your own rules occasionally - many of them based on formulas.

We want to highlight the sales amounts that are above average.

The Grand Total amounts won't be included, because they would skew the average.

Range I need to use is "B3: H62" and I added conditional format as Range("B3: H62"). Add Type:=xl Expression, Formula1:="=IF($D3="""", FALSE, IF($F3 I think I just discovered a way to apply overlapping conditions in the expected way using VBA. Stop If True = False End With ' (5) Make article strategy "W" green With Cells(1, 1).

Thanks for your answer but conditional formats applied is giving incorrect results. Format Conditions.add(xl Cell Value, xl Not Equal, "=0") . Watch this video to see the steps for applying conditional formatting to pivot tables cells.

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